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Maximize your IP assets by joining AccelerateIP

Every technology company in British Columbia should join AccelerateIP which can help you grow your business through IP education, advice, and services plus business advice.  The program will even give you grants to fund your IP portfolio.

Join AccelerateIP now

If you are already a member of IRAP and IP Assist, then know you can be both a member of IP Assist and AccelerateIP. The programs are complementary.

If your organization is a Canadian company, partnership, or sole proprietorship, and plans to grow through innovation, then join AccelerateIP.  The application process is simple taking an hour at most.  See the link at the bottom.

If you aren’t a Canadian company do talk to us.  We have international clients who hired us to set up their IP programs.

Overview of AccelerateIP from New Ventures B.C.

Canadian non-profits or SMEs with fewer than 500 employees may apply to ElevateIP, a program run by ISED, to get grants for IP education, business mentorship, IP strategic planning, and IP registration.  It is a complement to NRC–IRAP’s IP Assist program.

New Ventures B.C. runs the program in British Columbia and the territories under the brand AccelerateIP.  They fund startups and non-profits that are:

  • based in BC, Yukon, Northwest Territories or Nunavut
  • have fewer than 500 full-time employees
  • have an innovative technology or operate in the tech sector
  • a partnership, corporation, or sole proprietorship

The parts of the program are called Streams.  The unique aspects of the program are business mentorship (S2.1) and IP registration (S3), including free advice on developing business plans and funding for patent applications and trademark registration.

Perpetual Motion Patents Ltd. is one of six (6) vetted legal service providers under the program that runs until 2026 March 31.

Streams in the program

The program offers grants for help in developing your IP portfolios in three (3) streams:

  • S1 — Awareness: Education and awareness
  • S2 — Strategy:
    • S2.1 — Mentorship – Business planning
    • S2.2 — IP Planning
  • S3 — Implementation: Legal Costs

You don’t need to go through these streams sequentially. Indeed, we suggest you jump between AccelerateIP and IP Assist.

Here is how to think about AccelerateIP.

A cartoon of the three streams in  AccelerateIP.
The three streams of Accelerate IP.

Stream 1: Education and awareness

The goal of education is to help you gain “foundational IP training” to understand IP rights and what is possible under the law.  This education is not provided by Perpetual Motion Patents. (We provide IP education under IP Assist – Level 1. We are proud that attendees find these sessions “wonderful”, “useful”, “inspiring” and “an absolute pleasure”.) AccelerateIP provides education in two ways: online with no certificate granted, and certificate granted.

Starting your IP education

Consider, if you would prefer education under IP Assist.  Otherwise pick between the certification option that runs with near monthly starts in person and online, or the informal program with scheduled seminars (in person and online) and on-demand modules. 

Stream 2.1 – Strategy: Mentorship

In Stream 2.1, you get up to eight (8) hours of one-on-one time with a mentor to work on your business leading into your IP strategic plan.  The mentor is not providing legal advice but helps you from a business perspective.  We enthusiastically suggest you use this resource to harden your plans before you get detailed advice on your IP plan. For more information see AccelerateIP.

Find your mentor

Use Stream 2.1 to answer questions you may have, harden your plans, or maximize the diversity of your perspective.  Apply to New Ventures B.C. for funding and pick a mentor.  If you can’t find a mentor, ask us to suggest individual mentors or business incubators or accelerators (BIA). 

Stream 2.2 – Strategy: IP strategic plan

New Ventures B.C. descriptively calls this “Stream 2 Strategy: Costs for legal support”.  This stream of funding is for developing your IP strategic plan or simply, IP plan.  You get 75% of your costs up to $25,000 refunded when you work with an approved legal service provider.

Perpetual Motion Patents Ltd. is one of six (6) vetted legal service providers under the program.  Ask us for a quote for your IP strategic plan.

Details of our process

We break down Stream 2.2 into four activities: inventory, search, plan, and fix.  We review your operations and technology looking for assets to protect.  Most clients ask for a patent landscape search. These are collectively called research which we base your IP plan on plus discussions with you.  If needed, we address any IP issues that arise or refer you to specialist solicitors. The figure shows how Inventory, Search, Plan and Fix fit into the big picture.

A cartoon showing details of the AccelerateIP process.
The main activities in setting up an IP program are shown. The PMP terms are above the arrow and the AccelerateIP terms are below the arrow.

Get your IP plan started

Once you have joined AccelerateIP and completed your IP education start your application for Stream 2.1.  This paperwork here is more involved but if you know the details of your company and why you want an IP plan is easy.  All you need is a quote from an approved legal services provider like Perpetual Motion Patents.  New Ventures B.C. reviews applications on an ongoing basis so apply when ready.

Stream 3: Implementation 

You have awareness and a plan and are ready to take action based on the priorities in your IP strategic plan.  Stream 3 provides grants to reduce your IP costs.  You can apply to have 75% of up to $60,000 of costs paid for.

Eligible services

The eligible activities and costs include:

  • Service fees from
    • Patent agents
    • Trademark agents
    • Solicitors
  • Work product like
    • Patent applications
    • Trademark applications
    • Industrial design registrations
    • IP agreements
  • Government fees for
    • Patent applications
    • Trademark applications
    • Industrial design registration

Involvement of Perpetual Motion Patents

We draft and prosecute patent applications and registered industrial designs.  As licensed patent agents this is our specialty.  We also advise on open-source code practices.  We also have extensive experience in IP management beyond patents.

Some clients hire us to do all their patent work and others want to collaborate. We are happy doing both.  We like to write patent applications.  Also we pro collaboration. Indeed, our goal is to make clients more self-sufficient. After all, that is our brand, perpetual motion. 

Application process

Unlike earlier streams access to Stream 3 is competitive.  This promotes fairness but means you need to submit a lengthy application.  Applications for Stream 3 are accepted 3 or 4 times a year.  If you want to apply, please contact us or one of the other vetted legal service providers.  We can provide a quote, the list of questions you need to answer, and other tips to promote success.

Mixing of IP Assist and AccelerateIP

Don’t forget about the National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) IP Assist.  We recommend you combine both AccelerateIP and IP Assist.  Contact us for a customized recommendation to optimize your IP management.

This is how the Levels IP Assist and Streams of this program align or don’t.

Step IP Assist AccelerateIP
Awareness Level 1 Stream 1.1
    Stream 1.2
Strategy   Stream 2.1
  Level 2a Stream 2.2
  Level 2b  
Action Level 3  
    Stream 3


  1. Consider joining AccelerateIP.
  2. We recommend you take advantage of Streams 2.1 and 3 as these are unique to the program.
  3. Ask Perpetual Motion Patents for a quote for services at Stream 2.2 or Stream 3.
  4. If you have questions, contact us.

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