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IP management as a science

As trained scientists and engineers we see shares intriguing parallels between Intellectual Property (IP) management and the scientific method. Let’s explore this:

  1. Problem-Driven Research:
    • Like scientists, IP managers analyze challenges. They address questions such as: Which assets need protection? How can we maximize value?
    • IP management research, akin to scientific inquiry, seeks effective solutions.
  2. Strategic Relevance:
    • IP management aligns with strategic goals, much like scientific hypotheses align with research objectives.
    • IP strategies impact R&D, innovation, and corporate decisions—akin to hypotheses guiding experiments.
  3. Emerging Technologies:
    • Scientists explore cutting-edge fields; IP managers focus on emerging technologies.
    • Both adapt to digital transformations—IP analytics using AI, blockchain, and machine learning.
  4. Data-Driven Insights:
    • Scientists analyze data for patterns; IP managers analyze patent data, trends, and licensing transactions.
    • Both seek insights to inform decisions.
  5. Innovation Nexus:
    • Science drives innovation; IP management fuels value creation.
    • Understanding IP’s role in innovation mirrors understanding scientific breakthroughs.
  6. Openness and Collaboration:
    • Scientists collaborate across disciplines; IP managers navigate open innovation.
    • Both thrive on collaboration, sharing knowledge, and cross-pollination; but both know what is proprietary and not to be shared.
  7. Continuous Evolution:
    • Science evolves; IP management adapts to changing landscapes.
    • Just as scientific theories refine over time, IP strategies evolve.
As every science and engineering student remembers “memorize this to get a B”.

Patents and strategy as a science

Of course, this is just an analogy. And if you don’t agree see this alternative IP management as a fine art.

We are happy to help with your IP management

One feature of scientific education is the importance of apprenticeship.  And we are happy to teach what we know to you and your team.  Please contact us.

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