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Custom Patent Portfolio Development

For Building a Patent Portfolio

Building an international business means protecting your assets internationally too.  Make sure your patent portfolio is optimized to protect you in markets that are meaningful for now and in the future, while saving administration costs on those which are of little benefit or value. 

What We Do

We are experienced in managing the flow of new patent drafts, patent filings, reviews and maintenance across international borders.  We help you manage your IP budget and ensure that you are on top of all the administrative challenges that comes with developing an international portfolio of patents.  In addition, we act as your watchdog, keeping an eye on new competitor technologies and patents as they are filed.

  • Develop and maintain an international patent portfolio
  • Monitor and report industry and competitive patent applications
  • Consult on technology licensing opportunities and strategies
  • Build and manage your portfolio within a set budget

Frequently Asked Questions

What strategies are best to patent in Europe?

Filing in Europe, is a good way to protect yourself in many countries in one application, even if you only plan to sell in the major 3-4 markets. While European applications cost more they do give you access to 600m customers. We have a simpler solution if you just want the UK.

How does the examination process typically go?

The Examiner will review all patents, academic publications and perform an Internet search in a few years time (unless we accelerate this) to build up a case against your claims. We will help you fight for your invention as claimed or by amending the claims.

How does your review process typically go?

We will review your invention disclosure or initial draft in the first week and get back to you with comments. We can give you our thoughts on patentability, weaknesses, omissions, and perform a novelty search.

What kind of costs are required to maintain a filed patent?

Each country charges about $200 per year to maintain your patent.

How do I protect new innovations to my original patent?

Yes, even the best ideas can be improved upon. We can add the improvements and file additional applications. Your old invention may act against you if it was publicly disclosed or filed more than a year ago. In that case, your improvement will need to be sufficiently inventive over your original idea plus the rest of the world’s inventions. We’ll show you how to do this.

This is not to be construed as legal advice. We will need to discuss your individual situation to be in a position to advise you properly.
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