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IP management as a fine art

The principals of PMP come from artistic families and appreciate the effort and skill artists put into their work.  It got us thinking how Intellectual Property (IP) management is an art, skillfully blending legal acumen, strategic thinking, and practical application.  

An image of an artist's patent pallette. Like an artist selecting colours, IP managers strategically choose which intellectual property assets to protect.
You have many different IP rights to protect your business. (Image c/o Tabitha Turner)

Consider what is involved:

  1. Strategic Palette:
    • Like an artist selecting colours, IP managers strategically choose which intellectual property assets to protect.  They assess the value, market potential, and competitive advantage of each creation.
    • Just as a painter considers the composition of an image, IP managers balance between patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.
  2. Brushstrokes of Creativity:
    • IP management involves creativity in identifying novel ideas, inventions, and advantages. It’s likened to an artist’s brushstroke on a blank canvas but is more like the challenge of a street photographer tasked with creating a simple image in a busy bizarre.
    • Crafting patent claims, drafting trademark applications, or designing licensing agreements—all require imagination.
  3. Gallery of Protection:
    • IP managers curate a gallery of protected assets. Each patent, copyright, or trademark becomes a framed artwork.
    • Just as an art curator ensures the preservation and display of valuable pieces, IP managers safeguard and enforce IP rights.  We just never dress as well.
  4. Art of Negotiation:
    • Negotiating licensing deals or resolving disputes demands finesse. It’s like negotiating the sale of a painting.
    • IP managers balance assertiveness with diplomacy, seeking win-win solutions.
  5. Brushing Against Boundaries:
    • IP management navigates legal boundaries. It’s akin to an artist pushing the limits of their medium and decorum.
    • Understanding fair use, avoiding infringement, and respecting others’ IP is an exercise in boundaries.
  6. Collaborative Murals:
    • IP management often involves collaboration. Like artists collaborating on a mural, IP professionals work across disciplines.
    • They bridge legal, technical, and business realms, weaving a cohesive narrative.
  7. Restoration and Conservation:
    • Just as art restorers preserve aging paintings, IP managers maintain and renew IP portfolios.
    • They ensure assets remain relevant, adapting to changing markets and technologies.
  8. Exhibition and Appreciation:
    • IP managers showcase their creations—whether patents, software code, or brand logos.
    • Like an art exhibition, IP portfolios gain recognition and appreciation.

IP management is an art

Thus, in so many ways, IP management is akin to fine art.  And we are prepared and happy to teach the craft to you and your team. So if you face an IP management challenge please contact us.

An image of a street photographer working. Selecting the right invention to patent is as difficult as isolating a subject in a crowded street scene.
Finding what to protect is much like the effort of a photographer makes to isolate a subject in a crowded street scene. (Image c/o Samuel Rois)

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